Activities and corporate volunteering

Be part of the network of companies committed to the elderly

Discover the project

Activities and corporate volunteering

Be part of the network of companies committed to the elderly

Discover the project

Involve your team

Participate in recurring and one-off volunteer activities

Marketing with a cause

Co-branding programs to enhance your company and the leading role of the elderly

Create your flagship program

We design special programs based on the activity of the company

Recurring volunteering

Cloud calls

We guarantee the safety of employees and grandparents

The best match

We create the best intergenerational bond

No geographical limits

You can participate from anywhere in the world

On-site option in +250 residences in the main cities

LOPD We ensure data protection

Participate in activities with our grandparents


Learn recipes from the best cooks



Grandparents Influencers

Inspirational talks with life teachers



Visits to residences

Accompany your grandfather weekly


Letters with grandparents

Send your letter to grandparents of residences



Connect from anywhere in the world


My grandfather rocks

Afterwork with beers with grandparents


What our activities include

Civil liability and accident insurance

Follow-up of the social work team

Prior coordination of activities

Pre-program employee training

Platform technical support

Communication in social networks

Impact measurement

Real time update

Custom dashboard with metrics showing employee collaboration

Employee registration

Personalized page for registration and cancellation of volunteers

Social work team

Weekly follow-up and referral person to ensure the best experience

Success stories

“Alexa, I want a grandchild”

Special program with Amazon and Alexa to bridge the digital divide

Corporative volunteering

More than 400 AXA employees learn to cook with our grandmothers

Marketing with a cause

We received more than 50,000 wool caps in the Big Knit campaign with Innocent.

They trust us

Our goal is to develop long-term alliances with companies that share our mission and values

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Experience of our volunteers

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Collaborating with Adopt A Grandfather means

Pay tribute

to the elderly and position them in the place they deserve.


a more inclusive society with the most vulnerable.


to elderly people who are alone and need us.

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